Welcome to 5kits! The main purpose of this system is to make available any safe substance whoose purpose is to advance the human body and protect it from the effects of ageing. Inside you will find products like HGH Hypertropin, Jintropin, IGF-1 Long R3 and many other peptides.

The 2nd purpose of this system is to provide a private and reliable environment for our customers. All communication and information here is encrypted. When orders are finalized, all data is deleted and no history is kept. The system never sends any emails. To communicate with us you will need to log in, send us a message and later check back for a reply. We usually reply within a few hours.

To use 5kits, you will need to log in. If you don't have an account yet, please create one. This is a 4 questions sign-up process. It literally takes 10 seconds to create a new account.

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Zhao Yong